Thursday, 15 October 2009

One China

On the issue of the One China Policy, I have voiced out my opinion on a number of occasions and through various media.  The view remains the same up 'til now.  It is formed not only by my status as a diplomat representing Indonesia, but also by research done on Chinese domestic and international politics.  
I remain a democrat and value the notion of self-determination; however, in the business of managing state affairs in a community of great powers and super ones, some values need to be suited to the reality of the moment.  
Does this make me a fake...? I don't think so; I'm just trying to be more real in a world often filled with lofty idealism. Dream the dream, but live the life as well...
The article on the One China Policy is attached below and was first published by The Jakarta Post and then cited in the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing's website. The link is as follows:

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