Wednesday, 14 October 2009

An Intro

And so… I decided to try this thing called blogging… Have heard of it so many times, and how supposedly blogging and the bloggers are becoming the cool people around… Well, I wanna be cool too…!

I may become addicted to it, I may just lose interest in it within a week… Whatever the result, I can now say that I am an active participant of the cyberworld… Really…?! Nah, I just like making comments about this and that, and making sure that these comments get heard…

Once in a while, you’ll get to see some of my writings on a bunch of issues on this blog… Other times, you may see snippets of news or articles which I find interesting enough to be posted.  All in all, you’ll probably get a view of what goes inside my head, as I try to understand the world, its inhabitants, and their interactions…

Comment on anything as you please…  Good or bad, nonsense or significant, related or far-fetched… Anything goes… It’s the cyberworld, right?!

1 comment:

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