Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cina, Tiongkok, China

The confusion in the use of the words "Cina", Tiongkok", and "China" to address the "Middle Kingdom" in Bahasa Indonesia has for long been a concern of mine.
In formulating a foreign policy towards China, it is clear that such a confusion symbolizes the lack of coordination, vision, and goal in Indonesia's approach towards enhanced diplomatic ties with China.  
Put it this way, if a person is referred to as Peter by one person, and then Paul by another, and James by another, then it is most likely that each one of them will view this Peter-Paul-James individual differently.  But if they all know him as Peter, than they can somehow at least see this individual through similar perspectives.
Here are some articles and blog entries worth checking out:
I am a proponent of using Tiongkok in our diplomatic and foreign policy usage.  "Tiongkok" in Bahasa Indonesia and "China" in English.  This will require time to promote, as in the Department of Foreign Affairs, the use of Tiongkok, China and Cina remain prevalent without any institutional preference.  
Anybody wanna join my efforts?

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