Thursday, 24 November 2011

On a Good Morning...

On 21 November, around 2:30 in the morning, my world changed forever... for the better.

When the doctor opened the doors to the operation room and revealed a glass box, my heart skipped a few beats. “Congratulations, she’s a beautiful baby girl”, the doctor said with a smile, still in her green surgery kit. I looked beyond her, into the glass box on stilts and wheels, and there she was, the most precious thing ever.

Only a minute into this world, and Gaia Veronika was already fast asleep, probably tired from the journey. Still covered by traces of the fluid she had been swimming in for almost 9 months, she stuck her tongue out, and mumbled something incomprehensible.

“Hi honey”, I said as I brought my face closer to hers. But there was no longer a voice. Not even a whimper. Just the soft sound of her breathing, softness of her skin and hair. Just the warmth, as if the sun radiated from inside her. Just her, and me.

Comfort, relief, excitement, anxiety… Only one other person had ever made me feel that way. And how appropriate that Gaia Veronika came from the womb of that same person, that pretty Nansy I met on Swanston Street more than 8 years ago. How my life changes, swings, and revolves at the command of these two people.

Gaia, the Greek Goddess of earth; Veronika, latin for “she who brings victory”. Those two words will stay on her for her entire life. Those two words will be her. Those two words too will be the reason to give all of my life to her.

Welcome to this world, my dear. May you grow to be a beautiful, intelligent, strong, friendly, and principled person. May you have dreams and have the power to pursue them. May you fly high, walk far, and swim deep in this earth that is you. I will be there for you, and so will your mom and family.

Learn to love, learn about love. Taste all, waste nothing. Try all colors in life. But as much as the red and blue of Barca may grow on you, may there only be two colors that live in your heart forever… the red and white.

I love you, unconditionally.

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